Artistic and Production Activities

Music and film production

Following recordings are the effect of homerecording seassions and outdoor recordings as the director and production manager, which contained of: planning, logistics, coordination and editing: mix i mastering.

After first Youtube recordings You can hear two of reading recorgins. Firsyt one is a trailer for Orkon, outdoor event and the second one „Słowik” („Nightingale”) is read by my niece.

Music production programes used: audacity, reaper, FLStudio

MOvie production programes: Kden live, Sony Vegas, Ulead Studio,

Last of the videos is an add for RPG sessions. Movies was used to promote our YouTube videos, which we created in cooperation with popular GM Baniak Baniaka and Copernicus, polish publisher of Warhammer Fantasy Game.

Following movies is blues music session (more videos on YouTube)

Following movie was made after Orkon2014, which I created as the Head Writer

Artistic experiences:

I am experienced in many activieties as an actor and musician through the years.

The Redskiss – We Carry On, demo 2006.

I am now leading my own show, which I run as an impresario, writer and eventmaker. For over a year I atended for Impro- theatre at Wiktoria Kubisz’s leasure center in Bielsko- Biała.