About Me

I have been working creatively for over two decades. For years I organized many outdoor events, mainly as a script writer, but also as a logistician, planner and actor.

Through years I was working and co-working with many oragnizations and companies:

– 5 Żywiołów; Moszna Palace (2021-2022)

– Limes Mundi; Imiołki (2022)

– Wioska Fantasy; Kuńkowce k. Przemyśla (2013-2017)

– Orkon; Łutowiec/ Polish Jurassic Highland (2009-2015)

– Steam and Sword; Grodziec Castle (2011-2013)

– Dziobak Larp Studios/ Fairweather Manor; Moszna Palace (2018)

– Wyverncrafts/ Drachenfest; Diemelstadt, Germany (2016)

Through years I created many smaller events, games and conventions, etc.

I have experience in organising events for thousands of people, in cooperation with dozens.

Music and theatre

However, events are not my only creative activities. I have been playing music instruments since I was 10, and started playing in bands as a teenager, exploring different styles and searching for my own style.

As mutliinstrumentalist I can play:

– acoustic guitar,

– lute,

– bluegrass banjo, – bass guitar,

– drums and percussion.

and others…

In 2017, combining all sorts of my experience – events organisation, acting, together with creativity and motivation to create I started my own stage initialive.

Although I started alone, I invited many people to work with me to develop the project called „Amazing Comedians”.

I have experience of working as an impresario with concerts organisation, media relations, cooperating with producers, but also planning and writing sketches or image work.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic situation, we were forced to move all The Acting, Music, Philosophy and Rioting Troupe activities online.

I spent three years learning music and film production from scratch across every stage, from the planning phase to editing and publishing in social media.

You can view the results in the „Artistic and production activities” tab.

I also have experience in running and hosting events for the Czechowice-Dziedzice Regional Chamber.

I have been working creatively for over a dozen years and made every possible error in my projects.

But I am a quick learner, or as the poet says: „everyone makes mistakes, not everyone fixes …